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Taille Petit

Mesures 48 - 18 - 145

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    • Enlevez les objects derrière vous Un mur blanc est idéal!
    • Soyez à une distance confortable de la caméra La distance idéale est entre 30 et 45cm.
    • Assurez vous que la pièce a un éclairage approprié Un environnement sombre rend la détection du visage difficile.

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Flanagan - Chocolate Tortoise

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Quoi de plus doux que la finesse et joliesse de sa délicatesse? Cette petite monture ronde, tout simplement jolie et harmonieuse, adoucira votre visage sans compromettre votre charme.


  • Taille - Petit
  • Matière - Acetate
  • Disponibilité - En stock
  • Évaluation -

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Avis de nos clients
January 23rd 2015

in Ohio
Love my new glasses, they are perfect
December 6th 2014

in Tennessee
pretty small for my face. i wish i could have known that before purchasing. and theyre not as light grey as they look.
November 19th 2014

in Pennsylvania
Hi there! I really like my new glasses ( Flanagan) and just ordered another pair yesterday in prescription sunglasses. The only negative I can say is that there was a small scratch on the one lense. Not a big deal . Vicki
October 31st 2014

in Alabama
These were way more flattering on my face than I honestly expected, and I loved the coloring so much. Even though I have an olive complexion, and I would think this is more intended for blondes or lighter haired people, I think it is super flattering and looks really great with my coloring! It's a fun shape, too. Not round circles, but a little bit more round than square feeling. I adore them and though I've only worn them out in public once, I got a compliment!
July 16th 2014

in California
These have a cute shape, and great colors with little glints of sparkle and shine in it. Colors are marbled, looks nice!
June 28th 2014

in Arizona
I really like my new glasses.
June 4th 2014

in Texas
Love them!! They are like my "Drink the Koolaide" glasses (my favorite pair!) expect they are a little smaller which is perfect for me. Having a narrow face, I get apprehensive about buying new glasses because even the smalls are always bigger on me. These are a great fit for small faced gals!
May 3rd 2014

in Indiana
Incredibly light! Can barely feel them sitting on my face! The translucent amber color of the frames also instantly brightens up your face! Great pair of glasses; I'd definitely recommend them to people with more petite faces.
May 1st 2014

in Washington
Very pleased with these glasses! The delivery was quick and handled professionally. The frames are good quality and look good when worn! Overall satisfied with my purchase.
April 28th 2014

in Minnesota
Love the glasses, they fit my face perfectly. Was a little annoyed with the shipping, they didn't put my name on the mailing address label, which caused some hassle at my office where I had them delivered. Oh well, in the end, all is good.
February 19th 2014

in Pennsylvania
Love! They fit so perfectly.
February 1st 2014

in Florida
So cute! They fit my face so well! The frames are incredibly light, yet very sturdy. Honestly, I am going to be purchasing lots more frames for myself and will tell all my friends about this website! :)
January 17th 2014

in Georgia
love them
December 26th 2013

in Virginia
I absolutely love my new Flanagans! The site was very easy to use and I loved the virtual try-on feature to make sure I was ordering the perfect pair for my face. Thank you so much!!!
December 24th 2013

in California
Absolutely loved my glasses! Shipping took a while, but other than that, will be purchasing more from this website! Wonderful quality!
December 11th 2013

in Ohio
Love them!! Fit great and look just as they are shown!
December 7th 2013

in Georgia
My new frames are adorable! I think I am most impressed, however, with the quality of care I received from Bonlook's customer service folks. Outstanding, accommodating, and fast! The color of the frames is perfect, but the size of the frames is smaller than I had expected...but they're growing on me! I just wish I would've had a better concept of the actual size - it was a little hard to tell with the virtual try-on. But it's probably my fault! I do love how they show real pictures of real people wearing the frames...good perspective!
December 3rd 2013

in Virginia
Greatly satisfied!
October 9th 2013
I can see!!!