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Taille Large

Mesures 55 - 15 - 143

Essayage virtuel

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180° de style


Free Spirit SUN - Sepia Kiss

Sans Rx

  • Échanges et remboursements gratuits pour 30 jours
  • Lentilles polarisées sans prescription
  • Protection UV de haute qualité à 100%

Avec Rx

  • Livraison gratuite
  • Échanges et remboursements gratuits pour 30 jours
  • Protection UV de haute qualité à 100%
  • Lentilles polarisées de prescription (extra)

Vous ne connaissez pas votre prescription?

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  • Taille - Large
  • Matière - Acetate
  • Disponibilité - En stock

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Avis de nos clients
May 17th 2014

in New York
The fit is perfect and they are so stylish. This is definitely the best sunglasses purchase I've ever made.
April 17th 2014

in Indiana
I very much like the free spirit sun sunglasses in sepia kiss. The style is nice and the customer service I have received has been impeccable! However, I wish the plastic was a little heavier in weight. They are so light they feel inexpensive. I also feel as if the polarized lenses are not quite right. Objects in direct light have an almost rainbow effect to them as if I am looking through a prism. It is much more of a contrast as compared to my polarized Ray-Ban sunglasses.
April 8th 2014

in North Carolina
They are such cute glasses! I am happy to report that the lenses are actually darker than they appear online.
March 13th 2014

in California
so cute!!! very durable and easy to wear