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Honeybadger - Sepia Kiss


  • Livraison gratuite
  • Échanges et remboursements gratuits pour 30 jours
  • Lentilles de prescription CR39
  • Protection anti-égratignures
  • Protection anti-reflets

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  • Taille - Moyen
  • Matière - Acetate
  • Disponibilité - En stock

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Avis de nos clients
September 5th 2014

in Maryland
The frames don't fit my face well, they fall off very easily and move down to the tip of my nose constantly. Is there a smaller frame option for this style? I love the look, but they don't fit. I've tried the suggestion if putting them under hot water and forming them, but it doesn't seem to help all that much. Should I return these for smaller Or can you give me more thorough instructions on how to make them for my head better? Thanks!
August 31st 2014

in California
Exactly what I wanted. It is comfortable and stylish. I love it so much!
August 22nd 2014

in Missouri
I love them! They arrived quickly, love the case and love how they look on me!!!
August 9th 2014

in Florida
I am so pleased with my order from Bonlook! My glasses were affordable, but look and feel high quality, and my experience ordering with Bonlook was wonderful! I will be referring you to every one of my friends.
August 7th 2014

in Iowa
Love the glasses but they are lose on my face. How can I get them tightened?
August 6th 2014

in Illinois
These are so cute, frame my face so well, and are light and fun to wear! At first I was afraid of wearing such big frames, but they are actually perfect for my facial structures, and I have received loads of compliments on them. Thanks, BonLook, for my awesome frames!
August 1st 2014

in Washington
I want to like it if only it has deeper red.
July 28th 2014

in California
I got the Honeybadgers a couple years ago and loved them so I ordered them again with a stronger Rx. I did notice a slight difference. Did these change? The new ones seem wider and more cat eyed. Also, my old ones had little silver dots in the corners...they're probably just a design detail, but I noticed it immediately. Anyway, they're close enough to te originals and I love them just the same!
July 27th 2014

in Pennsylvania
I love my new Honeybadger glasses! They are so lightweight and fit perfectly!
July 20th 2014

in Virginia
I love my new glasses! This was my first online glasses shopping experience and I am very pleased. The ordering process was very easy and the coupon I received was even more of a plus for me. I got the glasses really fast and I love the packaging and case I got with it. I will be a repeat customer and I am very satisfied with my purchase. I can't wait to wear my glasses everywhere.
July 17th 2014

in California
Super lightweight and flattering!
July 16th 2014

in Michigan
I love these frames :) Very excited that the black frames are back in stock.
July 11th 2014

in Colorado
I was way too big for my face, but the frame looks like good quality
June 27th 2014

in California
Exactly what I was looking for! They make a no makeup, hair in pony tail, errand running in sweats kind of day, look stylish and cute!
June 26th 2014

in Rhode Island
I love the style of my new glasses, but I give it 4 stars because I wish the quality was just a little bit better (but for $99 I really shouldn't complain). If you touch the frame around the lenses it makes a noise almost like a creaky noise that makes me think the lenses aren't in there all the way. Overall I'm happy with the purchase, but they just feel a little bit cheap so I just have to be careful with them. I was also very impressed with how easy it was to order and how fast they arrived. I ordered them on a Sunday and had them on Tuesday!
June 15th 2014

in Illinois
My glasses are perfect. They fit my small head without slipping and frame my face nicely. Trying them on virtually really helped, and ordering was even easier than I anticipated. My optometrist tried to sell me similar frames that were $462 before adding the lenses and tax! I'll never buy glasses from the eye doctor every again. And yes, I just went to a party last night and received a ton of compliments.
June 13th 2014

in Georgia
I love these glasses so much! So stylish but not over the top. The customer service was fantastic and the shipping was lightning speed. I ordered on a Thursday evening and received my glasses Tuesday morning. The only thing I would change is the fact that there aren't rubber nose pieces to prevent slipping so I end up having to push them up my face a lot. However, the style and price is unbeatable.
June 5th 2014

in Washington
Totally satisfied...I'm SOOO in LOVE! Classic frames, fashionable and affordable!
June 5th 2014

in Florida
Love the style!
May 31st 2014

in Michigan
I love my new Honeybadger frames. They are stylish without being overly trendy and are very flattering to my round face.