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Taille Moyen

Mesures 54 - 20 - 148

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Montauk - Frosted Sky

Sans Rx

  • Échanges et remboursements gratuits pour 30 jours
  • Lentilles polarisées sans prescription
  • Protection UV de haute qualité à 100%

Avec Rx

  • Livraison gratuite
  • Échanges et remboursements gratuits pour 30 jours
  • Protection UV de haute qualité à 100%
  • Lentilles polarisées de prescription (extra)

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  • Taille - Moyen
  • Matière - Acetate
  • Disponibilité - En stock

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Avis de nos clients
September 9th 2014

in Tennessee
When my husband saw me in them he said, "Those are the perfect combination of the sweetness of a Ray Ban & the sexy of an Aviator." I feel amazing in them! The only issue is they slide down often, but it's nothing a little adjustment at the eye doctor can't fix.
July 13th 2014

in Michigan
Super cool sunglasses, but they have serious trouble staying on. Always sliding down my nose. I'll wear them while driving...
July 10th 2014

in California
I love my new shades like crazy! They're just really loose on my head and they slide down, I have to keep pushing them back up every few steps. Is there a way to fix this without having to send them back?
June 25th 2014

in Illinois
Love everything about these sunglasses: the fit, the tint, the size, the color, and the finish. Personally I like matte finishes on eyeglass frames and would love to see frames that are similar available with clear prescription lenses. Would also like to see more color choices. One other thing that puts Bonlook above the competition are the cool promotions and discounts. At these prices, eyewear becomes affordable.
June 4th 2014

in Texas
Love the style but they a pretty big and loose on me. I often have issues with glasses being too big on me. Hopefully I can adjust them to not slide off!
May 2nd 2014

in Kansas
Could not be more pleased with my beautiful new sunglasses!