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Taille Moyen

Mesures 52 - 17 - 138

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    • Assurez vous que la pièce a un éclairage approprié Un environnement sombre rend la détection du visage difficile.

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Night Owl - Black

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Dites bonjour aux bonnes nuits. Cette monture polyvalente carrée saura certainement s’adapter à l’agitation continuelle que votre mode de vie animé d’oiseau de nuit engendre. Elle est offerte dans des nuances sombres, ainsi que dans une couleur aqua givrée afin de rendre vos nuits un peu plus claires.


  • Taille - Moyen
  • Matière - Acetate
  • Disponibilité - En stock
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Avis de nos clients
January 25th 2015

in Indiana
Didn't find these tight on my temples at all but maybe because I have a more oval face. The style is cute and I love the overall fit. I'm going to have to add some grip material to the part around my ears because they slip (heavy plastic frames), but that's kind of to be expected for inexpensive frames. I would guess this style is pretty universally flattering, and very happy overall!
January 20th 2015

in Florida
The fit is a little tight and they're a little heavy, but i like them. I really wanted much larger lenses, but these were the only ones i liked that were in the sale so i settled. I guess ill stick with them for now.
December 8th 2014

in Massachusetts
They're a little tight on my (big?) head, but they look great!
October 10th 2014

in Virginia
Great glasses at a great price. It was a very easy process.
May 6th 2014

in Washington
Cute everyday frames!
April 24th 2014

in California
I really like the fit of these. They're the perfect amount of tight on my face and they do not slip at all, which is pretty great considering my face structure usually makes these types of frames slip down every couple of minutes. Pretty color as well.
April 4th 2014

in Australia
Great frames :)
March 29th 2014

in Wisconsin
I LOVE the design of these frames. The material is quality. I would say that they are slightly more "frosted" in person, which I prefer. My only complaint is that my face rather wide, so my temples ache a bit, but I do not blame the glasses. These are so versatile, professional, and chic, I've been wearing them everyday. I used to feel self-conscious wearing glasses, but these have changed my attitude.
March 21st 2014

in California
great fit, quality, and color. LOVELOVELOVE
March 20th 2014

in New York
The color is perfect - "frosty" is the right word, which is what I was looking for. The shape is also very cute. Only dropped a star because they go straight across on the top, which doesn't look good on everyone.