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Powder Puff - Frosted Sepia

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De la poudre au rouge à lèvres, vous maîtrisez votre routine de maquillage. Agencez votre look impeccable avec cette monture tout aussi parfaite. Pas tout à fait oeil de chat, pas tout à fait carrée et pas tout à fait ronde, cette beauté viendra compléter avec grâce une variété de formes de visage et de looks. 


  • Taille - Moyen
  • Matière - Acetate
  • Disponibilité - En stock
  • Évaluation -

Livraison & retours gratuits +$50

Protection UV 100% Verres polarisés (extra)

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Avis de nos clients
January 28th 2015

in Indiana
These are gorgeous! The "try on" tool worked so well, I knew just what to expect. I've only had them one day and have already received so many compliments.
January 9th 2015

in Pennsylvania
These glasses are adorable. By using the measurements and face shape recommendations, I was able to choose super flattering glasses without trying them on! BonLook's customer service was great. Every issue (including my optometrist being slow to submit prescription information) was quickly handled.
December 18th 2014

in Virginia
These frames are a little larger than I thought they would be based on the virtual try on... I really like the shape--they're much more feminine than any frames I've had in the past, and I'm getting used to the size.
December 17th 2014

in New York
Frames are ok. They are a matte texture which I wasn't expecting and the frames are a bit tight which is generally a good thing but these frames are a bit stiff. Just not for me!
December 11th 2014

in Georgia
Extremely light and comfortable! Shipment was extremely fast. This was my first purchase from BonLook and I would definitely buy again!
December 1st 2014

in Tennessee
Super cute! Fit great!!
October 31st 2014

in Alabama
I love these and almost kept them, but they're just so big. I wish they were slightly scaled down to be more manageable. They're a little bit heavier than the frosted sepia color of the same model, and just so big on my face. Still really cute, but not the winner as a result.
October 31st 2014

in Alabama
I intended to buy this pair and like them, but they're a bit large on my smaller head, and just weren't as fun as the other pairs I ended up choosing. I was tempted to keep a third pair of this or the black variation, but decided not to since they're so big on me.
October 11th 2014

in New York
These are slightly smaller than my Dolled Up frames in Black but a similar shape in a super fun color. The purple is really nice, not extremely bright or anything, and go well with my purple hair :D
September 6th 2014

in Minnesota
I love the color and shape of these frames - the purple is so unique, and the slight cat eye gives them a nice vintage vibe! I thought the prescription was a little bit different than glasses I got from my optometrist, but they still feel clear and like a well made pair of glasses. A definite win, considering they were at least 1/4 the price of glasses from my eye doctor.
July 24th 2014

in Nebraska
I absolutely love these glasses. The purple was much more noticeable than I thought it would be and that made me very happy. I've had them less than 24 hours and had one compliment at restaurant by the hostess and another compliment by a random guy at Walmart. They've already become my favorite pair of glasses and fit comfortable on my bigger sized face.
July 16th 2014

in California
I was a little worried about ordering my first pair of glasses online, but I couldn't be happier! The colors are gorgeous, exactly what you see online and I'm pleasantly surprised that the fit is actually great.
July 15th 2014

in Oregon
These are my favorite glasses ever! They fit my face perfectly and are not too large or small. I get compliments on them all the time! I only wish I would’ve discovered Bonlook sooner!
June 24th 2014

in Washington
I love my glasses and the customer service was incredible as always!
June 3rd 2014

in Texas
Love my eyeglasses
May 25th 2014

in Illinois
Nice glasses! They are really cute!!
May 12th 2014

in New Jersey
Good quality and love how it looks! Love the glasses box and very stylish
May 7th 2014

in North Carolina
These are the cutest frames! They are great quality frames and lenses and are very well made. I have a very strong prescription and two pupillary distances and the lenses were perfect! If you're worried about the quality or the accuracy of your lenses, then don't. Place the order!
May 3rd 2014

in Texas
I loved the color but the frame did not compliment my round face frame. I wish this color was offered in more frames.
May 1st 2014

in Australia
The clarity of the lenses are great. Unfortunately the frames are way too small for my face and I don't feel I will be able to wear them, as they look odd...as if I am wearing a child's pair of glasses.