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Taille Large

Mesures 50 - 22 - 140

Essayage virtuel

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180° de style


Russian Doll - Olive

Sans Rx

  • Échanges et remboursements gratuits pour 30 jours
  • Lentilles polarisées sans prescription
  • Protection UV de haute qualité à 100%

Avec Rx

  • Livraison gratuite
  • Échanges et remboursements gratuits pour 30 jours
  • Protection UV de haute qualité à 100%
  • Lentilles polarisées de prescription (extra)

Vous ne connaissez pas votre prescription?

Nous appellerons votre optométriste pour vous!


  • Taille - Large
  • Matière - Acetate
  • Disponibilité - En stock

Voir ce style en action #bonlook #RussianDoll


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Avis de nos clients
May 15th 2014

in Wisconsin
These are super chic and fun! The color is bright and the frames are really sturdy.
May 13th 2014

in Nebraska
these are great, love them!
May 1st 2014

in Australia
I love the polarised lenses and sprung hinges. Great frame design.
April 24th 2014

in Michigan
Super fun sunglasses. I gave them only 4 stars though because I wish they came in prescription.
January 25th 2014

in Ireland
Prompt delivery, glasses are exactly what they say on the tin - love them!
January 14th 2014

in Australia
I really love these these glasses! They look great on me and are really comfortable.
July 28th 2013
My new sunglasses make me feel so posh.