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Selfie - Rose Sepia

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Vous êtes un virtuose des médias sociaux qui a perfectionné l'art du #selfie. Cette monture en oeil de chat très tendance vous donneront envie de documenter votre fabuleux style toute la nuit.


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Avis de nos clients
December 15th 2014

in Texas
Beautiful, neutral color on a classic shape.
December 15th 2014

in Texas
Great pattern! The subtle lace design keeps these black frames from looking too severe.
December 12th 2014

in Virginia
I love these glasses!
December 6th 2014

in Colorado
Super cute!
October 23rd 2014

in New Jersey
These are great glasses.
October 21st 2014

in Minnesota
Unfortunately, these frames are too small on my face, so I will be sending them back. I'm sad about it -- they're adorable! The sparkle is just enough. Not too much but not too subtle. I love the frames and wish they fit me!
October 14th 2014

in Arizona
They fit so well! The face shape categories helped me a lot as well. I loved that I got these while they were on sale, but knowing the quality and ease they come with, I think I would have no problem buying a pair at full price. The only change I would make about my glasses is that they don't have spring hinges.
October 11th 2014

in New York
Love my new glasses! Bonlook is great!
September 30th 2014

in Georgia
These are simply great. I have an astigmatism in one eye, and though it took getting used to for the first two days, I love the glasses. Came in fast and the case is darling!
August 28th 2014

in Oregon
Really cute! They fit well and I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the glasses case.
August 14th 2014

in New Jersey
I absolutely love the quality and look of my new glasses! The only issue I had was a delay in updating my account information. I had to resubmit my prescription and pd multiple times and then waited for it to be updated through the site. Otherwise I was happy with my experience.
July 28th 2014

in Pennsylvania
I love these glasses! They are cute and fun and stylish and they make me feel a little bit younger than I really am!
July 24th 2014

in California
Love them! Simple yet flair with the sparkle. Lightweight and love the pink eyeglass case.
July 23rd 2014

in Florida
Great quality and fit! Very cute and unique!
July 16th 2014

in New York
Super cute! A little larger than expected, but that's OK! Husband really likes!
July 14th 2014

in Oklahoma
These glasses are gorgeous and fit perfectly. Highly recommend.
July 11th 2014

in Illinois
I absolutely adore my new glasses. They are a beautiful color and shape. The only problem I had was with customer service. I found them to be slow and inefficient with the whole process. There were problems with getting my prescription from my eye doctor, yet I didn't find that out until I reached out to them after several days from placing my order. In the ensuing days of trying to get my prescription to you, it took forever to hear back from customer service representatives. It took two weeks when all was said and done to receive my glasses. I want a well made product, I just wish there had been better communication. It may be nitpicky, but it seemed to be an astronomically slow process compared to other companies. I was going to purchase another pair, but after seeing what a hassle it became, I'm hesitant to do so. My suggestion for the future is to request the doctor information during the checkout process, rather than doing it through an email. Maybe it will cut down the wait time?
July 9th 2014

in Connecticut
Great size, loved the small amount of glitter!
May 28th 2014

in Maine
Love my new glasses!
May 23rd 2014

in Utah
Love the frames! Shipping was easy especially since I already had my prescription saved. Such a huge help!