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    • Assurez vous que la pièce a un éclairage approprié Un environnement sombre rend la détection du visage difficile.

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Socialite - Lipstick


  • Livraison gratuite
  • Échanges et remboursements gratuits pour 30 jours
  • Lentilles de prescription CR39
  • Protection anti-égratignures
  • Protection anti-reflets

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  • Taille - Moyen
  • Matière - Acetate
  • Disponibilité - En stock

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Avis de nos clients
September 11th 2014

in Michigan
Love these specs!
September 6th 2014

in Tennessee
I love these frames! At first I wasn't sure on the size, but I had also been used to very large glasses. I'm used to them after wearing them for a day and could not love them more. The style is awesome and I've received countless compliments!
September 2nd 2014

in Texas
Very cool, unusual frames. I get compliments all the time. No complaints!
August 15th 2014

in North Carolina
Awesome glasses. Quirky but not in your face.
July 23rd 2014

in New Jersey
So happy with my new frames! Just the right amount of quirkiness while still being smart. I love that they don't have nose pads. They always seem to pinch my nose and never lay right but these are still super secure for me and extra comfortable!
June 25th 2014

in Delaware
It was a process to get my information transferred from another account but customer service was vigilant and the final outcome was success! Love my new glasses!
May 20th 2014

in Pennsylvania
they are stunning-- even prettier in person! totally happy.
March 26th 2014

in Australia
March 23rd 2014

in Virginia
Love them! I get compliments every time I wear them.
February 22nd 2014

in Washington
I was really nervous about this style of frame, but thank goodness for virtual try-on! I stepped out of my comfort zone in ordering these, but I absolutely love them. And my old prescription was way outdated, so having these new glasses with my new prescription is just fantastic! Bonlook's website made it waaay easier to get new glasses than it would have been to go into an actual store and try on zillions of frames I didn't like before settling for a pair that was just sorta ok. Love all the options on this website and the virtual try-on feature!
February 8th 2014

in California
These glasses are really cute and look great on the models. When I received them, however, they looked too small for my face. These glasses weren't tight, in fact the arms' spring seem flexible, so fit was not the issue. The lenses were smaller than I anticipated and I just personally don't like having glasses' frames impeding my field of vision and like it when the outer edge of the frames more or less lines up with the edge of my face. What made these look awkward to me, is that there was space between the outer edge of the glasses and my hairline. It almost looked like I was wearing children's glasses. They weren't too heavy and the detailing and overall shape is nice. I just wish the lens area was kind of oversized to fit better with my face (or at least how I want to look in glasses).
February 7th 2014

in New Jersey
Love them! A lot of people I know love them as well! Will recommend everyone to this site.
January 18th 2014

in Canada
To be honest at first I didn't like them. I thought they were quite big. But then after wearing them a few days I got used to the new style and I now love them and I get a lot of compliments.
January 17th 2014

in South Carolina
very light weight and feminine. they fit me very well! thanks, Bonlook! (:
January 17th 2014

in Missouri
Love them! Lightweight, stylish and just unique enough :)
December 25th 2013

in Michigan
Very light weight. Love how they look.