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Whisky - Sky

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Note de style

Personnifiez votre « Mad Man » (ou woman, évidemment) intérieur avec Whisky. Ces montures rectangulaires et uniques dégagent une ambiance rétro des années 60.


  • Taille - Large
  • Matière - Acetate
  • Disponibilité - Rupture d'inventaire
  • Évaluation -

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Avis de nos clients
January 27th 2015

in Maryland
Great glasses to wear on the weekends with my Jeans, so happy!!
January 14th 2015

in California
LOVE THEM! perfect fit.
January 13th 2015

in Florida
Very cute! Will have to get used to the nose pads, though.
January 3rd 2015

in New York
Great service and well made. Color a little darker that it looks online. But otherwise great.
December 20th 2014

in Florida
Beautiful frames. I have received multiple compliments on these. The nose pieces are a wee bit uncomfortable but over all, i love these.
December 18th 2014

in Virginia
I LOVE these frames! I want them in every color and potentially for them to be a portal that takes me to 1963 every time I put them on. LOVE.
December 15th 2014

in California
I think this style is my fave!! Bought in both tortoise and black. They're very light and fit well. I ALWAYS get complimented on these!!
December 11th 2014

in California
So great! Comfortable and the perfect mix of contemporary and retro
November 18th 2014

in Texas
Love them
November 16th 2014

in Illinois
Ordered these in Sky but received them in Black. After my initial disappointment I tried them on and wound up loving the black. They'll truly go with everything and are a nice shape on my round face - they give it a nice lift. The nose clips add some extra comfort. Love them!
August 26th 2014

in Kentucky
Love these so much! So comfortable and cute. Worked great with my bifocals!
May 17th 2014

in Michigan
Great fit, great design!
May 14th 2014

in California
I absolutely love them! Thank you so much for letting me switch from the tortoise to the black - they suit me so much better. Fantastic customer service. xx
May 6th 2014

in Massachusetts
I really really love them! Ive gotten nothing but complements! and the blue color of the frames is the same color as my eyes and it really makes them POP!
April 24th 2014

in California
Really appreciate a cute pair mixed metal frames that are wide like these. Weirdly enough, they look a little too wide on my face. Nice, but they don't flatter my face shape very well.
April 19th 2014

in Iowa
second set of frames from BonLook and i couldn't be happier. i LOVE these glasses - they sit just right on my nose, look great, and feel very sturdy and durable. thank you so much!
March 19th 2014

in Massachusetts
This is my second time getting these frames since the first pair I got broke at the nose pad hinge. First off, there is a noticeable quality difference from the new frames to the old one I got a year ago (Jan 2013). The frame seem sturdier and solid whereas the older pair had more flex and overall seemed less dense. The biggest difference I noticed was the change in nose pads. Thank goodness you put different ones on from last year! Last year's pair had the worst nose pads and I could not believe that you skimped out on them before (considering I can get a good pair online for about $1). The old ones were very weak and swiveled at the screws and barely lasted a week because of how poorly made it was. I'm glad you switched them to a sturdier pair. Don't skimp out on nose pads again please! :)
March 4th 2014

in Idaho
I love, love, love these frames. They are exactly as pictured and look great.
February 28th 2014

in Kentucky
I really like them. And big thank you for the help getting my prescription correct!
February 20th 2014

in Michigan
Really cute/sturdy, it's a really good fit